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Alexander Bell:For a safer, cleaner, and better Palms.

Palms is changing every day. We need someone who can respond to the issues we face as Palms grows.

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The experience you look for in a Vice President

Palms is one of the most diverse and densely populated neighborhoods in Los Angeles. We need special care to deal with the challenges specific to us. I have lived in Palms for over five years after growing up in Los Angeles, so I know first-hand how our neighborhood can be improved.

I have experience working face-to-face with people, as well as experience in positions of leadership. For the past few years, I have managed my own small business building websites for other small businesses. I understand how we can leverage technology to address some of the issues our great community faces.

Palms Neighborhood Council Vice President, housing affordability

Keep Palms affordable.

With the cost of living higher than ever, we have to do what we can to keep prices from getting even more out-of-control so that long-time residents don’t get pushed out.

Palms Neighborhood Council Vice President, transportation

Improve transportation.

Los Angeles is known for its traffic, and Palms is no exception. Whether you’re on Palms Blvd. or Venice, you can surely benefit from better transportation.

Palms Neighborhood Council Vice President, no crime

Reduce crime.

Palms is a fairly safe neighborhood of Los Angeles, but we still experience regular theft, car break-ins, and other crimes that we can work to curtail.

Palms Neighborhood Council Vice President, beautification

Beautify the neighborhood.

Drought-tolerant, native plant species will keep the lawns of Palms from looking brown all summer, and clean-up initiatives will keep things looking good.

Alexander Bell listens

I have many strong beliefs and convictions about what is right and what is wrong. One of my strongest beliefs is in voter engagement. The only way to have a democracy that works for everyone is to have everyone involved in the decision-making process. Voter outreach and voter engagement are two of the central tenents of my campaign.

My priority is solving the issues that matter most to the community. I cannot wait to become Vice President of the PNC to learn more about these concerns and take steps toward solutions. I will listen to what you have to say to get results that work.

I believe in teamwork, in community, and in elected government where the power belongs with the people. Great changes are the outcome of hard work and collaboration from everyone of us, each council-member, each resident and each stakeholder.

There are many aspects of Palms that I love. We are inclusive, we are richly diverse, and we have a lot of amazing businesses and great restaurants run by hard-working owners. My aim is to maintain a sustainable, affordable, and safe Palms.

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Palms Neighborhood Council election

IMAN Center 3376 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles.
  • If you have a stake in Palms (e.g., you live, work, worship, or otherwise have an on-going community interest in Palms) and are 14 years or older, you can vote.
  • You do not need to be a US Citizen to vote in the Palms Neighborhood Council elections.
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